The Hidden Link Between Video Game Addiction and Violence

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Carrots&Cake listened to the top Screen Time podcasts by TVO & summarized the key takeaways. Carrots&Cake independently created these podcast notes and does not have any affiliation with the Screen Time podcast.

Key Individuals

  • Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman - Scholar, author, Soldier, speaker, and one of the world's foremost experts in the field of human aggression, the roots of violence, and violent crime.

Key Takeaways

  • Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman explains how violent video games teach kids to kill despite what the gaming industry may claim.
  • The gaming industry sinks its vast profits into research. Their goal is to make games that are impossible to turn off. 
  • While talking with executives at Netflix, they said their number one competitor is not other online providers. Their number one competitor is sleep. The corporate policy of Netflix is to steal your sleep and to steal your children's sleep.


  • Modern military training makes killing a conditioned response. It is taught in controlled environments to adults with great discipline. But the same murder simulators are being given to children indiscriminately via the violent games they play. 

Video game behavioral impact 

  • One of the worst things these games do is reward you for inflicting suffering on others.
  • During a  normal football game, if one of the players is injured, the fans go silent, and the play stops. Alternatively, in gun games, you blow your playmates' heads off, and if the play stops, you get in trouble.
  • Brain scan data shows that when kids immerse themselves in violent games, they're in fight or flight mode. Fight or flight hormones flood their bodies. It becomes real, they're actually fighting for their life.
  • In the end, this results in sleep deprivation. Kids lose track of time. Being up all night long leads to a lack of growth and cognitive buildup. 
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