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Psychology / Neuroscience

Neuroscience Of Screen Time: Dopamine Pleasure Pathways

Psychology / Neuroscience

Balancing High Dopamine And Low Dopamine Activities With Carrots&Cake

Psychology / Neuroscience

The Science Behind Carrots&Cake
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Sameer Sampat

Co-founder, Global School Leaders

“Practical, positive advice”

"Carrots&Cake brings practical and positive advice grounded in research: super valuable for educators striving to keep tech in education healthy.

Yuna Moon

Creative Director and mum of two, Sydney

“The most efficient way to enhance your child's digital learning”

Carrots&Cake gave the whole family more control over our children's use of digital devices. Whilst we spend a lot of time together with our kids for remote work and home learning, we could empower their learning by encouraging a few essential apps and blocking the contents that aren't recommended to access. The overall experiences are easy to manage for parents and playful for children. The rules that we could create within a happy agreement offered win-win outcomes.

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