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Like us, you COULD read 50 books, meet with 50+ experts (neuroscientists, psychologists, academics), study 100s of journal articles, and spend $10000's on courses 

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We understand the struggle!

Despite attending some of the world’s leading universities (Cambridge and Yale) and having successful and demanding careers for companies like Bain & Company, Bloomberg Television, CBS Sports, AND being tech-savvy, digital parenting had us stumped.

After hearing the phrase “Just one more minute…” almost became a daily routine for us, we knew it was time to do something about our family’s screen-time crisis. Like many parents, we were torn, on one hand wanting our kids to become fluent in the latest technology, whilst on the other hand worrying about the long-term effects of screen time.

Even though the world had moved on since the days of our parents telling us that “too much time in front of the screen would rot our brain”, it became clear that the uncertainty around screen time remained.

There was a great deal of information out there, but it was so conflicting. The advice was good in theory but when we tried to put it into practice…well let’s say that it was less easy…

Our Solution!

So, we teamed up with neuroscientists and child psychologists, armed ourselves with 50 screen time books, 100s of journal articles, and spent $10000's on courses, so we could finally create a screen time app that actually works.

Basing the app's functionality on Neuroscience, behavioral science, and psychology, we brought the age-old parenting technique, ‘Eat your carrots, and then you can get your cake’ to life. This in turn:
i) Reduces the potential for screen time to become habit-forming/ addictive
ii) Introduces delayed gratification to screen time - which has been positively correlated with long-term success (we’ve all heard of the marshmallow test)
iii) Encourages daily “micro-learning” which when compounded can be a very effective way to improve educational outcomes
iv) encourages kids to develop an overall healthy relationship with their screens, essential for their future education and employment.

All in all, the app has helped us say goodbye to continuous and repetitive screen-related tantrums and has allowed us to take back control of our own family life.

Now we’re delighted to share our Carrots&Cake app with you and allow you to join us on our healthy screen time journey.

If you’d like to find out more about the science behind Carrots&Cake, click here!