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Hi, we're Meredith & Hamel, founders of  Carrots&Cake

Hi, we're 
Meredith & Hamel, founders of 

Looking for the right way to digital parent? 
We understand the struggle!

Looking for the right way to digital parent? We understand the struggle!

When we introduced devices to our daughters, we didn’t realize the phrase “just one more minute…” would become a constant refrain in our home. Our polite, happy kids started throwing tantrums when their screen time was up.

Despite studying at Cambridge and Yale and succeeding at demanding jobs at Bain & Company, Bloomberg, and CBS News, digital parenting had us stumped. We wanted our kids to be fluent in technology, but we worried over the long term effects of screen time.

There’s a lot of information about kids and screens, but we found it conflicting. In theory, the advice was good, but when we tried to put it into practice…well, let’s just say we were almost the ones throwing the tantrums.


Our Solution!

Kids’ brains are a work in progress. They’re still developing. They don’t have the same control mechanisms adults do. We wanted a solution in which kids would benefit from technology and have fun, but not risk developing unhealthy habits.

We enrolled in the latest digital parenting classes, armed ourselves with a library of screen time books, and teamed up with scientists and child psychologists to create a screen time app that actually works and benefits families.

Grounding Carrots&Cake’s functionality in neuroscience, behavioral science, and psychology, we practice the age-old parenting technique, "Eat your carrots, then your cake." This reduces the potential for screen time to become habit-forming. It encourages daily “micro-learning" improving kids' long-term education success, and helps kids develop a healthy relationship with screens, essential for future education and employment.

Carrots&Cake helped us say goodbye to screen-related tantrums and allowed us to take back control of family life.

We welcome you to join us on our healthy screen time journey.

If you'd like to find out more about the science behind Carrots&Cake, click here!
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