A tantrum-free guilt-free healthy proven screen time solution your kids won't hate

Select a list of your favorite learning apps your kids must complete BEFORE their free time games unlock. 
Ideal for kids aged 3-10
download on the app store
Ideal for kids aged 3-10
download on the app store
  • Need more hours in the day
  • Want to hand over a device worry-free
  • Want to connect with my kid and enjoy family time
  • Tired of negotiating when it's time to turn screens off
  • Worried my kids are playing addictive/violent games
  • Don’t want my kids mindlessly on YouTube or Minecraft
  • Kids are agitated every time they come off their tablets

Based on science from:

Learn First


Play Later

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To unlock their favourite entertainment apps, your kids must first complete their educational apps chosen by you!

Learn First


Play Later

Carrots&Cake applies the most basic parenting technique to screen time:
“Do your homework before you play.”
In other words, 
“Eat your Carrots before your Cake.”
Our app is built by parents, backed by science, and developed with neuroscientists, teachers, and technologists.

Backed By Science


Carrots&Cake incorporates features based on neuroscience and tested through scientific studies.
Promotes healthy screen-use through reducing the firing of the mesolimbic dopamine pathway.
“Neuroscience of Screen Time” Research paper

Behavioral Psychology

Introducing “carrots” results in
“delayed gratification”: related to the development of resilience and grit.

C&C also uses a technique called “motivational interviewing” to aid children in changing their behavior and increase their “intrinsic” motivation”.

Cognitive Science

Allows kids to focus on learning without distractions.

Micro-learning allows kids to compound their knowledge with small but consistent daily effort.
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  • Carrots&Cake is designed bottom-up based on how young brains work.
    It uses interventions such as nudges, prompts, notifications and prompts whose effectiveness has been determined through scientific studies to enhance the whole screen time experience.
    A. Turker
    Neuroscience Researcher
  • I tried this with my twin boys. I was very happy with it as it guides them into doing quality things with the device, rather than just only playing or watching things. They were both also surprisingly very keen and were demanding to use it and are also learning to play the flute now on an app. 
    Mum of 3, Germany
  • I liked that I could sequence apps and know exactly what he was doing at what time.
    Mum of two, Singapore
  • "Carrots&Cake brings practical and positive advice grounded in research: super valuable for educators striving to keep tech in education healthy.
    Sameer Sampat
    Co-founder, Global School Leaders
  • I would definitely recommend this product especially for working parents. It worked very well and my daughter knew she had to do a set number of learning activities and then she would get her free time. I knew she was getting something good out of her time on the ipad while I prepared dinner.
    Mum of two, Dubai

How it works?

Set it up in minutes and you won’t need to touch Carrots&Cake again

Connect the “Carrots”

Link your existing educational apps
(e.g. Khan Academy Kids, DuoLingo etc) to Carrots&Cake. We can also recommend apps to try.

Set the “Cake” time

This is the reward time for completing the educational apps “Carrots.” Eat your Carrots then you can have your Cake!

Your child completes the "Carrots” to unlock the “Cake”

Supports childhood learning through the concepts of micro-learning, compounding, and interactivity.



Hand over devices guilt-free

Keeps children busy and occupied. You know they will be LEARNING during this time

Less tantrums, more connection

Kids get autonomy during their “Cake” time. They're then eased-off their device through alerts and time extension rewards which ultimately allow for more family time and connection

Protect them from
overuse of technology

Carrots&Cake gives access to technology in a controlled environment promoting digital citizenship

Develop Healthy Screen Time Habits

Reduces the potential for addictive behavior by decreasing the dopamine hit associated with playing games.

Boost learning in a fun way

Children micro-learn educational content so their learning compounds exponentially.

Develop grit

Children are introduced to delayed gratification as they have to eat their carrots (educational apps) before they get their cake (games)!

Our research

We found it was difficult — no, impossible — to limit screen time with our kids. First we tried "parental control" apps. But the technology didn't work. Set-up was difficult and when we eventually did puzzle them out, our seven-year-old would figure out ways to outsmart them! Fundamentally, we found the approach of simply limiting screen time flawed. And, to make a long story short, we put a team together and built an app focused on improving the quality of kids’ screen time. Because if you can't beat them, join them!
Now the kids are happier, we are happier, and our family is connecting.

Take back control of your family life

Download the Carrots&Cake app!

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