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The #1 Screen Time Solution for busy parents.
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Increase Screen Time Quality for Your Kids

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Productive Screen Time is on a downtrend. Kids today spend 30% more time looking at screens than kids did ten years ago. The Covid-19 pandemic has only worsened matters. School work is being taught online, and many schools require kids to have their own devices.

So now that your kid has access to a device, are they using it and being productive? We all know that most kids would rather watch their favorite cartoons on YouTube. However, have you considered some of the fantastic educational resources available online?

Khan Academy 

A non-profit organization, Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids was founded to provide educational content to communities in need worldwide. Its curriculum is appropriate for all age groups and can be used in and out of the classroom.  

It encourages creative and social-emotional development in children during screen time while teaching them critical topics, including early literacy, reading, writing, language, and arithmetic. Since the app has been launched, the College Board, Bank of America, and Google have all given it their mark of approval.

The conclusion? Touchscreen devices take the lead in aiding a child’s development.

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is an online K-12 school for a wide range of students. It is inclusive, safe, and devoted to providing each student with the assistance required to learn to their potential and accomplish their goals.

It excels at including both parents and children in the child's educational journey. Students benefit from having an adult who acts as a "Learning Coach" to help them get through the day's classes.


Smartick provides a solid foundation for kids to develop their knowledge and self-confidence in the study of mathematics. Exercises include mental calculations, arithmetic, geometry, logic, and critical thinking.

Smartick. For kids to develop knowledge and self-confidence during their screen time

ABC Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun and exciting for youngsters through engaging games and exercises. Kids love the games, songs, golden eggs, and other incentives that, in addition to making them feel good about themselves for reading, encourage them to keep exploring and learning new things in the future. 

There is so much great content available online, but until now, there hasn't been an effective way to make your kids access it. 

What is the expert perspective on educational apps? Here's Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, Ph.D.'s insight:

hex dr gwenyth

"The emergence of the smartphone, the tablet, and apps have truly opened new pathways in the world of teaching and learning. We are still very much in the early days of this educational revolution. Now students can learn at their own pace, remotely, supported by technology designed to keep young minds engaged and motivated, provides personalized feedback, and helps make learning fun."

— Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, Ph.D

With Carrots&Cake, parents can now create a "playlist" of educational activities that their children must complete before they can watch the content they like. It automates the process many parents already follow by helping kids focus on great educational content first and rewarding them for good behavior with free time on the device.

ABC Reading Eggs. Helping kids learn and read fun games, songs,etc.
Download Carrots&Cake now. Help children build positive screen time habits
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