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The story of Carrots&Cake: From the founders, Meredith & Hamel

As parents of two daughters under the age of 10, we face a daily struggle figuring out how often we should allow them to use devices. 
On the one hand, we want them to be fluent in the latest technology and have 21st century skills such as coding.
On the other hand, we worry about the long-term effects of screen time. Is it affecting the family dynamic? Will our children become addicted and develop bad habits and behaviors? Will their eyesight be damaged?
Like all parents, we want to ensure our kids have a healthy relationship with technology and screens.

But there is a problem! 

No one knows what a healthy relationship looks like! Online information about screen time usage is overwhelming, general, and conflicting. We know because we’ve spent the past five years reading it!
To help our daughters and fellow parents, we decided to properly investigate best practices:

1. We set out to review all the relevant literature on media and children: academic journals, books, articles, and courses.
2. We spoke to leading academic researchers, pediatricians, and behavior psychologists in this field.
3. We learned from educators and neuroscientists about parenting methods that work in real life.

Our Solution!

Five years later, we started Carrots&Cake to summarize our findings and help parents create a healthy relationship between their children and technology.
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