The Top 9 Educational Apps for Kids

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Tracking down the best educational apps can be tricky. There are truly great ones, but they’re often overshadowed by over-stimulating, gamified apps with huge marketing budgets and endless advertising dollars.
With the help of educators, Carrots&Cake tested hundreds of apps to bring you a list of the top 9 learning apps that will help your children get the most out of screen time.

Math apps

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Moose Math

Moose Math is a fun and friendly math app perfect for little ones just learning the basics. Suitable for children aged 3-7. The app focuses on helping children build their basic computational skills with intrinsic visuals that help kids get interested and excited about numbers. The app is developed by Duck Duck Moose, a non-profit educational app developer partnered with Khan Academy with the goal of delivering free, high-quality educational apps to children worldwide.

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Pet Bingo

A math app for children aged 5-10, Pet Bingo is designed to help kids advance their arithmetic FUN-damentals with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Another creation coming from Duck Duck Moose, Pet Bingo offers multiple skill levels and keeps kids engaged longer than traditional school work.


Kahoot Multiplication

A math app that helps kids hone their multiplication skills through games. Kahoot Multiplication is ideal for children aged 6-9. With more than 20 games to choose from, kids learn to recite their times tables through multiplication drills that are fun and rewarding. 


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Duck Duck Moose Reading 

Based on the Foundational Skills of Reading at Kindergarten, Duck Duck Moose Reading helps children 3-7 years old improve basic reading and comprehension. Kids play alongside animals at the zoo while bulking up their phonics and spelling skills. Tested extensively in kindergarten classrooms.


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Duolingo is a versatile, multi-language app that allows users to strengthen their mastery of more than 40 languages. As the largest and most widely used language app on the market, Duolingo ranks highly on our list of recommended apps. Duolingo relies on a certain level of basic conversational skills (in a first language) to properly benefit from their translations, so it’s recommended for children aged 6 and above.

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Word Wagon

Ideal for 2-6-year-olds, Word Wagon is a fun, interactive English language app aimed at teaching early literacy skills, including letters, phonics, and spelling. Like several other apps on this list, Word Wagon was developed by Duck Duck Moose. Its content is aligned with America's Common Core State Standards for early language development. The app follows an engaging storyline that helps keep preschoolers motivated while teaching letter names, sounds, and basic four and six-letter words.

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Duolingo ABC

Duolingo is a language-learning application that helps young kids develop basic English skills as a first or second language. This award-winning program was developed by the team behind Duolingo. It's specifically designed to work with children aged 3–7 years old, strengthening their foundation for future academic endeavors.


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Scratch Junior 

Scratch Junior aims to help children aged 5-7 develop basic coding skills. Developed by a collaborative team from Tufts, MIT, & the Playful Invention Company, Scratch junior is a doorway into coding. Young kids will get their first taste at authoring their very own interactive stories and games. 


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Ideal for kids aged 7 and above, Flipaclip is a fun and imaginative app for expanding kids’ creative spirits. Through 2D animations, kids’ pictures come alive with this animation video maker. Flipaclip was developed by Visual Blasters LLC, a US-based software company focused on developing apps geared towards multimedia and animation. 


Reading up on learning apps can be overwhelming. Thousands of apps claim to offer valuable educational insight, but many do little more than waste time – not what you're looking for in a fun after-school activity! The apps recommended on this list have been independently tested and backed by educators to ensure your child’s time investment in learning pays off.

Of course, there are thousands of great entertainment apps out there too. With Carrots&Cake, you can rest assured your child gets a healthy balance between fun and learning. Carrots&Cake allows you to choose your favorite educational apps that your child must complete before other apps are unlocked. Download Carrots&Cake now in the app store.

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