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The #1 Screen Time Solution for busy parents.
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Less Screen Time, More Learning, Zero Tantrums

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Put an end to screen time tantrums and hours wasted streaming and gaming. Now kids learn first and play later.

Private International School Fair guests enjoy 1-year free! (worth RM600)
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Carrots&Cake Parental Control is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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With Carrots&Cake you can:

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Manage screen time

Create custom daily screen time schedules. Choose learning time & playtime.

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Prioritize learning

Select learning apps that have to be completed daily before games & videos unlock.
Select learning apps that have to be completed daily before gam
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Block inappropriate content

Block access to adult websites, and prevent access to games and videos during learning time.
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Promote healthy 
screen time habits

Make screen time more beneficial & less addictive. Halve overall screen time & triple time spent on learning apps.

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Private International School Fair Guests Enjoy Free Access for a Year! (Worth RM600)

As a part of the Private International School Fair, we're thrilled to support your community with this exclusive offer. All we ask in exchange is a quick 10-minute chat to share your experiences, allowing us to tailor and enhance Carrots&Cake for families like yours even further.

Supported by leading health professionals and educators

Learn First


Play Later

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To unlock their favorite entertainment apps, your kids must first complete their educational apps chosen by you!

Learn First


Play Later

Carrots&Cake applies the oldest parenting technique to screen time: “Do your homework before you play.” In other words, “Eat your Carrots before your Cake.” Our app is built by parents, backed by science, and developed with doctors, teachers, and specialists.

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Backed By Science

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Behavioral Neuroscience 

Carrots&Cake promotes healthy screen use by reducing the firing of the brain’s reward pathway. This helps kids stay in control of screens. Find out more here

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Behavioral Psychology

Introducing Carrots results in delayed gratification which builds resilience & grit. We use motivational interviewing & help kids improve their behavior and intrinsic motivation.
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Cognitive Science

Kids focus on learning without distractions. Through micro-learning kids compound knowledge with small but consistent daily effort. This helps them to develop healthy study habits.

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Connect any educational app from the Apple App Store to Carrots&Cake
Your child has to complete your chosen educational apps before their games, videos and free time apps unlock

How it works?

Use apps you already own. Set up takes minutes. You won’t need to touch Carrots&Cake again.

Connect your Carrot apps

Link your existing educational apps
(e.g. Khan Academy Kids, DuoLingo, etc.) to Carrots&Cake. We can recommend apps to get you started!
Set your daily cake

Set your daily Cake time

Cake is the free time kids unlock by completing their Carrots. Set the amount of time appropriate for your child. You can even tailor it for different days of the week.

Complete Carrots to unlock Cake

The Carrots&Cake app helps support childhood learning through the concepts of micro-learning, compounding, and interactivity.


Hand over

Hand over devices to your kids guilt-free

You can Keep your kids busy while you get some quiet time. Relax knowing your kids are learning on their devices.
Enjoy less

Enjoy less tantrums, more connection

Your kids get autonomy during Cake time. When the time is up they are eased off their device through alerts and time extension rewards. This allows for more family time and connection.
Protect your

Protect your kids from tech overuse

You'll feel protected knowing Carrots&Cake promotes access to technology in a safe environment that promotes digital citizenship.
Hand over

Develop healthy screen time habits

You can reduce the potential for addictive behavior by decreasing the dopamine associated with playing games.
Enjoy less

Boost learning in a fun, interactive way

Your children will micro-learn educational content, which allows their learning to compound exponentially over time.
Protect your

Develop long-lasting grit & resilience

Your kids will learn to appreciate delayed gratification while developing grit and self-reliance.

Our approach

Private International School Fair guests Enjoy 1-Year Free! 

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Carrots&Cake Parental Control is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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