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Privacy Policy 
Carrots&Cake Sdn Bhd (“Carrot&Cake” “we,” “our,” or “us”) is committed to protecting your privacy. Carrots&Cake complies with required Personal Data Protection acts when dealing with personal information. Our Privacy Policy tells you how we treat data, what information may collect and how we use the data collected from your visit or use of the website at (the “Site”) and/or our applications.

Note that the Carrots&Cake website and applications are collectively referred to as the “Services" throughout this Privacy Policy.

By using the Carrots&Cake Services, you acknowledge and agree that we may collect, use and share your and your children's information per this Privacy Policy. You also consent to our terms of use which are incorporated into these guidelines on a here-in basis, so do carefully read them before continuing to transact on or utilize Services offered via Carrots&Cake In the context of users situated in the US (United States), the term minor or children refers to those under 13 years old. The term children in the context of non-United States countries refers to individuals below the age of the digital majority.

Carrots&cake Services’ users are encouraged to review our Privacy Policy from time to time as we may update it or provide new Services that could affect how your information is used. By making sure that you stay current with these changes, it will allow you to remain aware of the latest policy updates.

Information obtained by Carrots&Cake

Personal information:
Carrots&Cake may collect Personal Information about you, including your name and email address, through various stages of use on the Carrots&Cake website and Carrots&Cake mobile phone applications. We may also collect additional information about your children, highlighted in the section below.

Children’s personal information:

The Carrots&Cake website and/or application may collect your children's personal information with your consent. This information may include their personal data, such as their first name and date of birth. Additionally, we may collect data based on your child’s screen time activities, such as the applications they are visiting, the duration of application visits, and the time and day these activities occur. Unique device IDs may be created to track individual users and their screen time behaviour. The types of device being used and geolocation data may also be tracked.

We may also collect information from your child’s device about how they are using the Services relating to Carrots&Cake, including data on their activity and usage (including pages visited, buttons clicked, duration of usage, and completion of capped app usage limits).

Regarding the EU (European Union), the collection of and usage of personal information is limited and led by the child’s parent.

Non-private/personal information

Using cookies and other tracking technologies, we collect information regarded as ‘non-personal’ about our website and application visitors and users. This information includes things like the number of times a particular ad has been seen by someone on the internet, when a user visited a web page within our site. As well as other technical details that help us optimize your experience with this webpage or others like it in future visits to different pages throughout our websites.

This data may be used to help improve our marketing efforts by analyzing geographical and demographical information to provide a better Service to our user base and diagnose and identify Service issues. Carrots&Cake Sdn Bhd reserves the right to use and disclose Non-Personal Information in its sole discretion.

How information is collected

Voluntarily provided information:
Carrots&Cake may collect your children’s personal information when you voluntarily give it to us. This includes when using Carrots&Cake Services, you transact with us, create a new Carrots&Cake account or update an existing account or when you communicate with our customer Service representatives via your chosen channel.

Examples of the type of information you may voluntarily provide include:

Your name and contactable email address
Information relating to your child, such as your child's name, date of birth, and your child's gender and
If you transact with Carrots&Cake and subscribe to our paid Services, your payment details, including debit/credit card details ( type of card, final four digits, and date of expiration). In addition, other data may include other financial data and transaction history necessary for us to process your requested payment successfully.

Information relating to Services:

We may collect your and your children's Personal Information as part of your use of our Carrots&Cake Services. The information collected may include:

Application time limits that you have set as part of the Carrots&Cake Services - E.g. to set a minimum or maximum duration your child can spend on individual applications daily.
The apps that you have labelled as 'Carrot' and 'Cake' apps that are installed on your or your child's device
Information Obtained from Third Parties:

In limited scenarios, we may receive your personal information from third parties. Third-party data includes payment processors that generally provide us information about you, such as a unique token that enables future purchases using the data they store. This includes recurring payments if you authorize automatic renewals and certain digits on your card number.

At no point do we obtain data relating to your child's personal information from third party parties.

Cookies and other data tracking technologies:

We may collect information using cookies and other data tracking technologies throughout your usage of our Services. These are small files that store data on your computer or mobile device when you visited pages with specific code. These technologies include cookies, pixels and local storage. These technologies are not used to collect your child’s personal information in any circumstance.

The Collection Technology used by our Services may collect certain information, such as your OS (operating system) and version, IP addresses, time of access, type of browser, browser version, and unique device IDs. Additional information collected may include error reporting, usage data, time spent on individual pages, and page visits.

Accepting cookies is optional; you can decide if you want to accept cookies or not. However, accepting cookies will allow you to access more features and may receive a better user experience. Particular functionality may not be available if you choose not to accept cookies.

Third-party analytical tools:

Carrots&Cake may continuously utilize third-party analytics platforms and tools to continually improve our Service and marketing efforts. These tools may include Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and Clevertap to help our website's performance monitoring activities such as page traffic and trend analysis. Third-party tools may collect your and your child's information sent by your digital devices, and this is to help us optimize our Services.
To understand Google’s privacy policy in full, you can visit and read the information provided here.

How Carrots&Cake uses personal information

The personal information we collect may be used for various purposes, as listed below.

To create, optimize and provide the best possible Service
To gain helpful information relating to you, such as your preferences, to improve your experience and create a unique experience to suit your needs.
To complete transactions and other requests that you have requested, including subscription payments and queries that you submit to your help centre.
To communicate essential, valuable and promotional information directly to you. This includes push notifications and emails in the form of updates, billing, conformational messages, statistical updates, product announcements and security warnings.

We may send communications to you relating to promotions, events, and discounts for promotional and marketing-related matters.

Disclosure of your information to third party organisations

Carrots&Cake may share your personal information with third parties in several scenarios, as listed below.

Upon obtaining your consent: Personal information may be shared between Carrots&Cake and a third party upon receiving your agreed consent.

If it’s necessary for the service providers: We may share personal information with third parties that help with the management of business processes. This includes payment processing, third-party solutions, marketing, and admin functions.

Under no circumstance can the service providers utilize your information and data for any other ulterior motive or purpose other than the purposes requested by us or an official government body/law enforcement.

Major Transactions: In the situation that Carrots&cake is involved in a company sale, merger, company acquisition or debt financing, insolvency bankruptcy, or receivership, the company may share your personal information with the related third-party organisation.

Business Advisors: The company may share its information with various advisors to help facilitate the transactions or manage business activities.

Special Circumstances: The company may share your information when necessary for compliance with law or in response to a valid request.Where necessary, we may share information from our users to limit any liability or lawsuit that may occur, or where otherwise necessary, to protect our rights, interests and/or property, or the rights, interests and/or property of our agents, independent contractors, customers, and others.

Children’s Privacy Rights

In no circumstance does Carrots&Cake sell services or products to children. The Services provided by Carrots&Cake does not intend for children or minors to submit private/personal or confidential data or information to Carrots&Cake without explicit consent from their parent or guardian.

In compliance with the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection) Act, the various forms of personal data and information obtained from children are described in the 'Personal Information' policy section above.
The above section labelled "How information is collected", explains how children's information is collected.
Carrots&Cake uses children's personal information for the purposes listed in the 'How Carrots&Cake uses collected personal information' policy section.
We may share Children's Personal Information in a limited number of scenarios, including the reasons mentioned in the 'Disclosure of your information to third party organisations' policy section.
- In no situation will carrots&Cake obtain additional information from your children that is not reasonably necessary or related for us to provide the Services on our website or application.
Under the legislation associated with COPPA, you may at any point request a review of the personal data/information we have obtained from your children. This includes name and date of birth. Additionally, you may request us to delete our data and prevent us from receiving any future data from your child. If you wish to do this at any point, please get in touch with us via email at: [email protected].


Third-party hyperlinks, redirects or integrations may exist within our Services. By clicking on these links, you may be providing personal information to the associated third party, Carrots&Cake or both parties.

By using our Services, you acknowledge and agree that we have no responsibility for how third parties may collect or use your information.

How the third parties obtain and utilize your personal information is subject to their own privacy policies and practices, not within this privacy policy documentation. To ensure that you are informed on every third party service you see, click on or see, we advize that you review their documentation on their privacy policies. This applies to the third parties that you engage with through Carrots&Cake Services.

Third-party websites

Third-party hyperlinks, redirects or integrations may exist within our Services. By clicking on these links, you may be providing personal information to the associated third party, Carrots&Cake or both parties.

By using our Services, you acknowledge and agree that we have no responsibility for how third parties may collect or use your information.

How the third parties obtain and utilize your personal information is subject to their own privacy policies and practices, not within this privacy policy documentation. To ensure that you are informed on every third party service you see, click on or see, we advise that you review their documentation on their privacy policies. This applies to the third parties that you engage with through Carrots&Cake Services.

Amending, correcting and updating your personal information

You are entitled to review the personal data/information we have collected about you at any point. If you require us to correct any incorrectly recorded personal information, you may contact us, and we will oblige. You can find our contact details in the 'Contact us' section below. Please include your full name and contactable phone number in any request that you send us.

Opting out of emails

You may opt out of emails from us at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button that you can find at the bottom of all emails that you may receive from Carrots&Cake.

General data protection regulation for EU data subjects

This section is specifically for reference to EU data subjects. Note that you have the following personal information rights:
The right to request that the Carrots&Cake provide you with your Personal Information and, where possible, to transmit that data directly to another data controller (where applicable);
The right to request that the Carrots&Cake correct any Personal Information if it is found to be inaccurate or out of date;
The right to request a copy of your Personal Information which the Carrots&Cake holds about you;

The right to request your Personal Information is erased where it is no longer necessary for Carrots&Cake to retain such data;
The right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Information at any time;
The right to lodge a complaint with a European Union Data Protection or Supervisory Authority; and
The right, where there is a dispute in relation to the accuracy or processing of your Personal Information, to request a restriction is placed on further processing.

Exercise of Data Subject Rights:
Inform us via email at: [email protected] if you wish to enforce any of the rights highlighted in the privacy policy.

Right to Withdraw Consent to Processing:

You may at any point withdraw your consent for Carrots&Cake to process your personal information.

Storage of personal data & information

The data and information that we collect throughout your usage of our Services will be stored and processed within a secure location within the US (United States).

Data is transferred to locations outside of the EU as an integral part of the functionality of Carrots&Cake Services.

Retention of personal information

Your personal data will be kept for the total duration that it is required to fulfil its obligations, as detailed in the privacy policy, unless you request for such information to be deleted and removed.

Changes to privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify the privacy policy at any time. If so requested by law, we will attempt to notify you of the changes in a way that we believe will reach you, including email or push notification, depending on the contact information that we have collected from you. If you agree to any of the terms described in this privacy policy, you must terminate your use of Carrots&Cake's Services.

Contact us

If you wish to contact us regarding the privacy policy, please email us at [email protected]
Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Shoot us an email at [email protected]! We're always here to lend a hand.
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