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Hamel Shah

Hamel Shah
Founder of Carrots&Cake

There is so much possible now, however, we still try and educate kids in fundamentally the same way that we have for over a hundred years. Education today is essentially 95% day-care and socialisation and 5% learning.

There are some amazing educational apps for all age groups, and parents are willing to purchase these, though there is a combination of good intention and guilt that all parents face, including myself. However, kids end up spending less than an hour a month on these educational apps as compared to hours a day on streaming and games, and we see our kids being dominated by these electronic devices. The Covid 19 pandemic took a heavy toll on many families as I faced the challenge to raise my two girls, I understood the power of habits. Home-schooling became a new normal for all kids plus combine this with educational apps which they didn’t give time to, felt like a waste. I thought to myself, could I use technology to build a system that would increase their usage and consistency of educational apps whilst putting some boundaries on Screen Time?

With the help of Carrots&Cake, we allow parents to be able to rebalance Screen Time through a tool developed for my own kids and now benefiting families in initial test groups. It is a utility app for parents to help encourage their kids to improve the quality of their Screen Time that works across various forms. It is inevitable to avoid the fact that the use of technology for education in the future, and kids have more access and freedom to such technology than ever before. However, with the implementation of Carrots&Cake, this access to technology can be used in a much productive manner.