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The #1 Screen Time Solution for busy parents.
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The all-in-one solution for healthy screen time that’s less addictive

Prioritize learning and achieve balance with Carrots&Cake
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Manage screen time

Create daily screen time schedules for your kids. Select their favorite educational apps - Carrots- they must complete before free time Cake.
Choose how much learning time & free time kids get. Customize screen time schedules around your family's routine.

Prioritize learning

Kids learn without distractions. Through micro-learning, kids compound knowledge with small but consistent daily effort. This develops healthy study habits.
Free-time apps remain locked until kids complete your pre-selected educational apps. Carrots&Cake can provide customized app recommendations to supercharge your child’s learning.
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"Carrots&Cake creates a compromise between parents and kids regarding screen time. Kids have agency, but parents decide which apps kids use."
Dr. Clifford Sussman, MD
Child Psychiatrist & Addiction Specialist
Featured: NY Times, TIME Magazine, ABC News
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block inappropriate content

Block inappropriate content

Carrots&Cake automatically blocks inappropriate content.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing games, videos, and pop-ups are blocked during learning time. Adult websites are restricted at all times. Carrots&Cake provides a safe, child-friendly environment for your little ones.

Promote healthy screen time habits

Carrots&Cake’s gets kids to use highly cognitive apps that promote delayed gratification. This helps develop self-regulation, resilience, and perseverance. Screen time becomes more beneficial and less addictive.

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promote healthy screen time habits
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Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, Ph.D.

Media Expert
University of Pennsylvania
"Parents aren’t having a screen time power struggle with their kids, they’re actually fighting Silicon Valley. That’s a losing battle on your own. Carrots&Cake helps level that playing field.”
Halve your kids’ overall screen time in 7 days with Carrots&Cake
Now you can encourage your little ones to use good educational apps without the tantrums.
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Increase educational app usage by 200%
To unblock their games, kids must complete educational apps
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Cut overall screen time in half
Enhance your family's digital well-being by setting personalized screen time limits.
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Enjoy your first 14 days absolutely free
Enjoy all the premium features of Carrots&Cake without spending a penny. No credit card required.
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Carrots&Cake Parental Control is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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