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The #1 Screen Time Solution for busy parents.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carrots&Cake and how can it help my family?
Carrots&Cake is a parental control learning app. We use science-based methods to develop healthy screen time habits in kids. Kids must complete educational apps before their device unlocks for a pre-set amount of free time. Parents gain peace of mind knowing kids are experiencing a safe and balanced approach to screen time.
How is Carrots&Cake different from Apple Screen Time?
Carrots&Cake is intuitive and easy to install. We differentiate between low dopamine activities and high dopamine addictive to promote a healthy and balanced approach to screen time. We send kids reminders to prepare them for the end of screen time. When screen time is finished, it’s finished. No negotiations, and no alerts to parents asking for more screen time. We allow for flexible daily schedules. We do not require a credit card.
How can I download Carrots&Cake?
You can download Carrots&Cake from the Apple App Store Follow the instructions to get started.
Which devices support Carrots&Cake?
Carrots&Cake is an iOS based app that works best on iPad and iPhone. We recommend all users update their device to iOS 16.
Do I need multiple Carrots&Cake subscriptions for all the kids in my family?
Not at all! A single subscription to Carrots&Cake will cover your whole family.
Do kids require their own device?
No, kids may use a device the family shares or their own device. If you share the device, parents should select “This is my device” when prompted during set up.
What is Carrot Time?
Carrot Time is learning time. This is when kids complete their educational apps. Educational apps may include any high cognitive load activity like reading, math, meditation, music lessons, logic games, languages, etc. We recommend connecting two educational apps to get started.
What is Cake Time?
Cake Time is free time. When kids complete Carrot Time, their Cake Time begins. This is when their device unlocks and kids get to exercise their own agency on how to fill their time. They can play games, stream videos, etc.. It’s up to them.
Which apps can I use?
You may choose from any app available in the Apple App Store. Additionally, we can recommend a list of apps tailored to your child.
During the install process I run into an error when I try to connect my apps.
If you get stuck, make sure you haven’t selected the entire category under education. Apple requires that at least one app in each category NOT be selected. It’s confusing, we know. But if you want to connect two edu apps to Carrot Time, you need to have three edu apps classified under Education.
Can I use Carrots&Cake to monitor and control screen time on multiple devices?
You may use the same parent account on different devices. Carrots&Cake, along with your favorite learning apps, must be downloaded onto each device.
Can I block social media and chat features?
You can easily block any app on your device using Carrots&Cake.
Does Carrots&Cake allow me to see who my child is communicating with online?
Carrots&Cake only allows you to choose the apps your kids can and cannot use. It doesn’t allow you to monitor those apps via a different device.
Can my child delete Carrots&Cake?
During set up, toggle on Block Uninstall. This will prevent your child from deleting Carrots&Cake.
Will my child know when screen time is over?
Kids are sent several notifications to warn them that screen time is ending and they need to wrap up their games. This prepares them to come off the screen and eases tantrums. When screen time finishes, Carrots&Cake prompts kids with ideas for fun off screen activities.
My kids have been using the same Carrot apps for weeks, how can I update to new learning apps?
It’s easy to add new Carrot apps anytime! Log onto your parent account. Tap the Edit button next to Carrots. You will be taken to a screen to add new apps.
How can I adjust settings remotely?
Log on to your parent account from your device. Your child’s daily schedule will appear for you to edit.

Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Shoot us an email at [email protected] We're always here to lend a hand.

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