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Take back control of your devices by creating a playlist of educational content for kids to complete before they can watch what they like

Carrots&Cake helps kids build positive screen time habits.

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    Here’s what you can do with Carrots&Cake

    Hamel Shah Founder

    There is so much possible now, however, we still try and educate kids in fundamentally the same way that we have for over a hundred years. Education today is essentially 95% day-care and socialisation and 5% learning.

    Lisa Carse

    Kids are wired to learn and grow, and it is up to parents and carers to provide them with the best environment in which to do so.

    Niketa Gosrani

    I have looked into a number of screen time control apps and I do believe there isn’t another system out there that is so simple as Carrots&Cake that brings about the right balance in screen time usage. It is based on the premise which every parent has used for ages – the carrot and stick method.

    Azaan Moez Dhanji

    It is inevitable to avoid the fact that the use of technology for education in the future, and kids have more access and freedom to digital devices than ever before. However, with the implementation of Carrots&Cake, this access to screen time can be used in a much productive manner.