Are your kids getting enough sleep?

How digital devices harm your child’s sleep and health, and 4 easy tips for creating better sleep habits

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things we can do for our brains and bodies. However, the American Academy of Pediatricsestimates that up to 50% of children and 40% of teens suffer from some type of sleep problem, while the CDC estimates that up to 73% of teens don’t get enough sleep, period! When children don’t get the sleep they need, all types of problems can arise that range from depression, inattention, and behavior to memory and learning deficits. On the other hand, getting the right amount of good quality sleep each night helps avoid all those negatives while boosting our child’s mood and energy the following day. 

Sleep is especially important for kids and teens because their brains are still developing. Poor sleep during childhood has been linked to increased risk of ADHD, poor academic outcomes, behavior disorders, and more. Plus, sleep is essential for avoiding many physical health issues including obesity, poor growth, and diabetes. With so many mental and physical aspects of our kids’ health riding on a good night’s sleep, it’s critical to get them in bed on time and sleeping well throughout the night.