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enhancing child safety on amazon prime video a comprehensive guide for parents (4)
Enhancing Child Safety on Amazon Prime Video: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Amazon Prime Video is a treasure trove of entertainment, offering a vast array of movies, TV shows, and educational content suitable for the entire family. However, as with any digital platform, ensuring that children are exposed only to age-appropriate content is a concern for many parents. Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video provides several robust parental control […]

Jack Newenham

how to use ipad's guided access for kid friendly youtube viewing
How to Use iPad's Guided Access for Kid-Friendly YouTube Viewing

As a parent, handing over an iPad to your young child comes with its challenges, especially when it involves screen time on platforms like YouTube. It's a familiar scenario: you find a suitable video for your child, only for them to accidentally exit the app, leaving you to navigate back to the content. This can […]

Jack Newenham

introducing youtube kids a safe streaming experience for your children (2)
Introducing YouTube Kids: A Safe Streaming Experience for Your Children

In the vast world of online content, ensuring that our children have access to age-appropriate material is a top priority for parents everywhere. YouTube, recognizing this need, has developed a dedicated app designed specifically for younger audiences: YouTube Kids. This platform provides a safer environment for children to explore their interests through videos, all within […]

Jack Newenham

making netflix kid friendly a parental guide to safer streaming (1)
Making Netflix Kid-Friendly: A Parental Guide to Safer Streaming

Netflix, with its vast array of content, has become a household staple for entertainment. However, as parents, it's crucial to ensure that our children are exposed to age-appropriate material. Thankfully, Netflix offers several features designed to make streaming safer for kids. This guide will walk you through the steps to tailor your Netflix account for […]

Jack Newenham

ensuring your child's safety on snapchat a parent's guide
Ensuring Your Child's Safety on Snapchat: A Parent's Guide

In an era where digital platforms are increasingly becoming a significant part of our children's lives, ensuring their safety online becomes paramount. Snapchat, a popular app among teens, offers a variety of features that cater to privacy and security. As a parent, understanding and utilizing these features can help you protect your child while respecting […]

Jack Newenham

untitled (1050 × 517px) (2)
How To Block Adult Websites On iPhone or Android

For better or worse, the internet has revolutionized how we live. Cell phones have gone from a rare, clumsy commodity to a must-have accessory, and everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, has one. However, while everyone can and does know how to use a cell phone, we don’t always want the people using them to access […]

Jack Newenham

navigating the digital age introducing snapchat's family center
Navigating the Digital Age: Introducing Snapchat's Family Center

In the digital era, where social media platforms are a staple in the lives of teenagers, parents often find themselves balancing between respecting their teen's privacy and ensuring their safety online. Snapchat, a popular app among teens, has introduced a solution aimed at bridging this gap: the Snapchat Family Center. This innovative feature offers parents […]

Jack Newenham

how to make instagram safer for your teen a comprehensive guide (1)
How to Make Instagram Safer for Your Teen: A Comprehensive Guide

In the digital age, ensuring the safety of our teens on social platforms like Instagram is a top priority for parents. Instagram, while a popular venue for expression and socialization, can also pose risks such as exposure to inappropriate content and unwanted interactions. Fortunately, Instagram offers various settings to enhance user safety. Here’s how you […]

Jack Newenham

March 6, 2024
8 Best Porn Blocker Apps in 2024

In 2024, Porn Blocker Apps are needed to keep kids safe as the internet has made it easier than ever for them to access inappropriate content unintentionally. Today, the average age when children first encounter porn on the internet is 11 years old. Responsible parenting means keeping kids from growing up too fast by creating […]

Jack Newenham

Balancing High Dopamine and Low Dopamine Activities

High Dopamine Activities, HDA, is a term coined by Dr. Clifford Sussman, MD a child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychotherapist based in Washington, DC. HDAs are activities where dopamine is available instantly - instant  gratification - AND continuously. They are problematic when done excessively.  The brain gets tired with the high flow of dopamine and […]

Sam McDonald

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